Crystal, MN.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Phil with our team St. Raphael team in Crystal, MN:

On Saturday, we set up for our monthly event that’s been running since last summer, that we call “Drive Thru Prayer”. We have two groups, one setup on the sidewalk in front of our church, and the other just a stone’s throw away handling the Drive Thru Prayer. Every event, the Holy Spirit sends us souls that are usually in desperate need of prayer or guidance. On the Drive Thru side, we had a Catholic husband and wife come through requesting prayer for the continued recovery of the husband, who’d been an optometrist, but had suffered a stroke that put him out of the profession. They also have 2 daughters who they worry greatly about falling away from the faith. Through all of their desperation, they remain faithful, even joyful, trusting in God. We lifted up their intentions, praying for additional graces for all they asked, and then all of us together gave God thanks.

On the sidewalk side, a young man was retracing his steps for a few blocks, searching for his lost wallet. While we talked and prayed for all he asked, we also discovered that he had been baptized, and the church he and his mother used to attend was Catholic, however they have not been to Mass for some time. We invited him to Mass the next morning, and asked him to invite his mother. To which he said, “I don’t know if she’d come. But maybe I can bring my cousins?” We said we’d be happy to have them! We’ll be watching for them, to give them an extra special “Welcome!” Please pray for these souls.

Praised be Jesus Christ!