Rochester, MN.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Deb in Rochester, MN:

I was just out this morning with the Winona Team and some of the Rochester group for a quick refresher on evangelization and then out to the Peace Plaza outside of the Mayo Clinic. What a blessed morning it was. We prayed with many people and shared Jesus’s love with them.

One woman, “Darlene”, came up to us in tears and said she knew God had sent us for her. Her husband, “Joe”, had just gone into surgery for his 7th surgery and she asked for prayers for him and all those caring for him or working on him. She then prayed for us and in thanksgiving for the Lord putting us there for her. One young man, “Brian”, walked by us several times and finally stopped and asked for prayers for anxiety. We prayed for healing from his anxiety and Susan felt the Holy Spirit’s voice telling her to tell Brian to imagine a thick chocolate shake pouring over him and calming and soothing all his anxiety away.

“Brenda” asked for prayers for herself, our nation, and her granddaughter who is struggling with everything with the COVID isolation. We also met a young woman from Mexico, “Mandy”, who was there with her mother, Maria, and her grandmother, Maria. She had been sitting alone at a table and Tom asked her if she needed prayer. She said she knew God had sent him because she had been feeling very sad as her mother and grandmother both have pancreatic cancer. After Tom and Larry prayed for her, she went to find her mom and we were able to pray for her mom, also with Mandy interpreting. They took rosaries and medals for themselves and their family members.

Praised be Jesus Christ!