Detroit, MI.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Anne with our National SPSE team:

A Catholic mother and her kids stood in line for the ATM when I asked about the little girl’s doll (very life-like, which she held like a real child). We talked a bit and they accepted rosaries and prayer. The mom said they all had Covid-blues. The children were homeschooling and missed their friends and the mom shared that housing was needed as the hotel they were in was expensive. As we prayed with this family, the mom was on the verge of tears. She revealed that she was suffering in many more ways, so we focused on the love and mercy of God and His plan in her life. She said she felt the opposite. We then discussed how the Evil one also had a plan–her destruction. We chatted about what Jesus did for her and what she could do to feel more in touch with God’s love. We prayed again and ended asking for Mary’s intercession. She left knowing she’d been heard and now had hope – the Hope we have in Jesus.

“Carol”, her mom, and aunt approached our table, and Carol shared discreetly that her mom was almost deaf and only read lips. Severe hearing loss affected many in their family. I asked her mother if we could pray for her and her hearing, and she was disappointed that her daughter had shared her issue but agreed to pray. Carol’s aunt, who was also shopping with them, shared that they’d also recently lost their mom. We lifted all these needs (and a few more) in prayer. We tried our best with distancing, but had our masks down so that the mom could read lips. The aunt put her hand on the mother’s ear during the prayer for healing. What joy we all felt as the tenderness of our loving Savior showed up. I saw smiles and a beautiful acknowledgment of unity in this family. Praise Jesus!

“Matthias” asked for money, then we chatted a bit and he was ready to move on when my question about prayer came up. He agreed and I asked about his ankles (he walked like they hurt). He shared it was actually the corns on his feet. We prayed for his feet, and then he accepted a rosary, pamphlet and a brief instruction on how to pray it. He put the rosary in his donation cup and moved on. Come Holy Spirit.

Praised be Jesus Christ!