Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Br. John with our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

After Mass there was a man praying in the back pew and as I walked by I thought, “should I pray for him?” I didn’t feel any particular inspiration so I kept waking but then thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. So I turned and walked back. I quietly asked, “excuse me, hi do you need prayer for anything?” He turned towards me and said “Yes I do!” Surprised, I said “Really?! What’s the biggest thing?” Matthew and I talked and I felt called to lead him in a prayer of hearing God’s voice to address one of his needs. I imagined him tending a garden then sitting to pray. I felt that God wanted him to know that God is pleased with him just sitting and praying and not to worry as God would show him the way. At that he almost jumped out of his seat and was so excited because that was exactly how he felt and needed to hear. He was so grateful so I gave him my contact information in case he wants to learn more about Evangelization.

After that I went to Walmart to pick something up. I asked a worker named Sarah to help me get something off the top shelf. I said, “thank you, have a nice day and God bless you!” When she said, “you too”, I said, “thank you and do you need prayer for anything before I go?” Sarah said “God is blessing me everyday.” I said, “absolutely me too!” And we began to talk a little more. At one point she said maybe you need to ride your bike and exercise. I said, “you know what that is a great idea! I’m glad you said that especially since the weather is beautiful now. Isn’t it amazing how God works? But you know now I want to tell you something that’s from God too.” I looked up at the ceiling for a moment to think then asked her, “do you have kids?” She said “yes”, then I told her I felt like there’s something about water activity that He wants you to do with them. She smiled then said that her son just asked her to look for his scuba gear. She was amazed and we both rejoiced in God. I asked her if she went to church and she said she didn’t, so we talked about the importance of family and community but especially Christian community. She had to get back to work so we blessed each other and parted.

Praised be Jesus Christ!