Crystal, MN.

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The following report comes to us from our St. Raphael parish team in Crystal, MN:

On May 15, our parish women’s group, The Rosary Society, sponsored a retreat for women with the theme, “The Holy Family.” Two weeks before the retreat, the president of the Rosary Society approached Sharon, our team leader and Rosary Society treasurer, asking if she knew where to buy holy cards for the retreat. Sharon thought of SPSE. Since the maximum number of participants was capped at 120, Sharon bought one pack each (100) of the Holy Family cards (since it was the theme of the retreat), St. Joseph the Worker (since it’s the year of St. Joseph), and Our Lady of Fatima (since her feast day was just recently…May 13.)

The holy cards were well received. We had approximately 70 women attend. All but two of the St. Joseph cards were taken, only 12 Holy Family cards were left, and 22 Our Lady of Fatima remained, so women picked up extra copies for relatives and friends. Thank you SPSE for quality holy cards and prompt shipping service.

Praised be Jesus Christ!