Lorain County, OH.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Markus with our team in Lorain County, OH:

We were excited to debut our new tent banner at last Saturday’s outing at the flea market. (We kept our older, smaller banners up too.) Weather permitting, on an average outing between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. we talk to 30-50 individuals and/or family groups each Saturday. Most everybody receives a gospel tract of some kind with a rosary or a medal or a life of Jesus coloring book. We sometimes get to present the kerygma.

Over the last two Saturdays, I led two people in the consecration to Jesus prayer. Last Saturday, I advised one 13-year-old unbaptized boy who attends Mass with his grandma about how to approach the priest about baptism, etc. And I advised a young man in his early 20s about the RCIA program. My main help is Vermilion team leader David. 1 to 3 of his team members join us as well each Saturday. Most everybody who stops at our tent also receives prayer before they leave us. This is also a great training ground in preparation for the week-long Lorain County Fair this August.

Praised be Jesus Christ!