Boise, ID. Today we’re featuring part two of our Boise team’s recent outing. Thanks be to God for our evangelists who are able to serve God and be His hands and feet, reaching the lost sheep that are still out there.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

A man stopped to tell us that he appreciated our faith and the fact that we were willing to share it, but he was not religious at all and didn’t see the point for himself. He declined a Good News pamphlet and, as we shared our faith with him, he just smiled and repeated that religion was not for him. Pray he has a personal encounter with the living God.

A young couple stopped who knew nothing about the Rosary but knew who Christ is (she sported a Bible verse tattoo). We showed them how praying the Rosary can help us grow closer to Him, and encouraged them to learn it and practice the prayer together.

We received an email from first-time evangelist “Pam”, who had stood with us a couple of weeks ago. She said, “It was a great first-time experience. I was thankful it was a little quiet so that I could talk with you and learn more. I am humbled by your prayerful approach to this apostolate. There was much peace and joy, even though it was quiet. I did enjoy being there. It ‘filled my cup.’” She’s hoping to join us again.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Our Boise team asks that you please pray for their future efforts.