Northbrook, IL.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Mark with our Chicago North Shore team:

About 10 days ago, 4 of us prayed to the Holy Spirit asking for inspirations He might have for us or if He knew of people that needed healing. The first word we received was “piano”. So our group, trusting the Holy Spirit, set out to find that piano (among other words we’d received from Him). Along the way, we ran into 4 people who were open and needed prayer for major issues. (This happened over the course of 3 hrs., and we had to ask many souls along the way.) The first was for a lady in black polka dots (the Holy Spirit told us!) in a coffee shop wanting prayers for her husband who had cancer. The next was a woman in purple and a large necklace (again, the Holy Spirit said she’d be wearing this) who needed prayer for a personal loss and anxiety. She cried hard and was in shock that in this mall in front of crowds we prayed for her while one of our team members sang to her in tongues! Next were two people, one in purple pants and a straw hat (thanks again, Holy Spirit!) that were in massive internal pain. We told them of the words, purple pants & straw hat that the Holy Spirit gave us, and they both started shaking and about to tear up. I asked the woman what she needed prayer for and she said, “My husband just died, pray for him” as she pointed to the other man across from her that she was holding hands with. I asked him what he needed prayer for and he couldn’t speak because of the sorrow. We started praying for him and I knelt down telling him he is precious to God…the Holy Spirit wanted us to find you to tell you that! We said we’d spent 3 hours here and God sent us to you! It was one of the most beautiful experiences to let this man know God cared about him. His mind was completely blown! We prayed for the two of them for about 30 minutes.

We were still trying to find the piano in Nordstrom. The Holy Spirit had also given us a few other inspired words (“men’s ties” and “large mirror”), so we headed over to men’s ties and waited for a few minutes. As we were about to go upstairs, a man in red asked if we could pray for his pinky. I noticed it was about 1/4 inch shorter than the right hand. We prayed over it for about 7 min. It grew right in front of our eyes! We all said “THANK YOU JESUS!” afterwards. Now onto the piano! We went to the info. desk and asked where the piano was, and he said, “we haven’t had that piano here for years!” So it was all part of the Holy Spirit’s plan! We hunted for something that wasn’t there, BUT the Holy Spirit brought us to so many people desperate for His divine love. Thank you dear God in heaven for honoring holy boldness as Catholic Healing Evangelists!

Praised be Jesus Christ!