Crystal, MN.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Sharon with our St. Raphael parish team in Crystal, MN:

We had a hot but successful Drive Thru prayer outing. The temperature was 89 at noon when we finished, but we had shade to sit in and a little breeze so God was good to us. We had very few encounters, but believe we’re making a difference and look forward to the first Saturday in July.

Due to the hot weather, we had fewer people walking on the sidewalk compared to other months. However, Dave, who visited last year and earlier this year, brought his wife to meet us. We knew from previous meetings that Dave and Lisa have had housing issues in the past and Lisa, who is in a wheelchair, has health issues. I asked if they are pro-life. Lisa stated she is and was adopted as a baby. We gave her copy of “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson to read and Phil explained why being pro-choice is harmful to women. I also briefly explained how Catholics believe that suffering can have a purpose and can be offered as a form of prayer to help others. I gave Lisa the brochure on suffering who seemed interested to read it. Lisa asked when we would be out again. I explained the first Saturday of every month barring bad weather or a funeral at the church.

Phil and Peggy spent a lot of time with Rose Marie who needs heart and lung surgery. They gave her comfort and a renewed mission to use the rest of her life, no matter how long or short, to spread Christ everywhere.
My daughter, Sue, noted we need to add a box of tissues to our supplies as the past few months people tearfully poured out their troubles to Phil and Peggy at the prayer station. I also decided to use the lines on the back of the “Great Catholic Audio Talks” to write “Drive Thru Prayer, 1st Saturday of the Month,” along with the church address so interested people can stop by and visit with us again (and maybe listen to some of the SPSE talks if interested).

Praised be Jesus Christ!