Chicago, IL.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Roberta in Chicago, IL:

I’ve been evangelizing my non-denominational Christian friend “Bob” for 9 months now and recently felt the Holy Spirit tell me to invite him to join my Wednesday rosary prayer session on Zoom. I made sure to tell Bill that he was welcome to observe without video and on mute if that was how he felt comfortable. I wanted him to experience an entire rosary first-hand and see how it was done in real-time. I had given him a glow-in-the-dark rosary and a how-to-pray-the-rosary pamphlet at Christmas. Bob’s been hesitant to say the “Hail Mary,” even though I told him the “Hail Mary” is taken directly from scripture. But he is more open to the other prayers of the rosary and the mysteries.

The Holy Spirit must’ve been preparing Bob’s soul and knew that he was ready to try it out for the first time. So he said yes! On the day we prayed the rosary, there were 9 people in the group. At first, Bill was going to just observe on mute and without video, but I think he felt comfortable around us that he stayed on video the whole time. He did speak to the group, introducing himself, and after we finished praying the rosary, he even said that he wants to continue the dialogue with our parish priest. I’m sure Bill has many questions about the Catholic faith and I’m glad that he has questions. So our parish priest gave Bill his phone number and Bill will be in contact with Father. I pray that Bill will embrace the Catholic faith and sign up for RCIA in the fall.

Praised be Jesus Christ!