Boise, ID.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

Weather was fair, and lots of people were out. A few responded to their need for a closer relationship with God.

A teen, from a group of four or five at a nearby picnic table, came over for a Rosary. Soon, three other members of his group each came over to get one. I talked with the last girl, asking if she were Christian. “Not really,” she responded. So I gave her a copy of the kerygma, telling her it was important, was only one page, and encouraged her to sit down and read it. Pray they remember they are children of God.

Several 20-somethings stopped, in ones and twos. Lucy explained the Rosary devotion and set each of them up with a Rosary, mentioning that many people experience an unexplained sense of peace and protection when they sit down and try it. They each thanked her. In turn, she thanks our dedicated Rosary makers!

A man carrying a sandwich board offering an occult service said he wouldn’t be a part of a group that promotes abuse of children. Good! Neither would we.

Frequent passerby “Cole” stopped by several times to talk with Chuck and was very animated. He wasn’t wearing a shirt so they talked about some of his tattoos. He brought up a local news event, then abruptly left to stand at the road and wave at cars. He returned and tried to have a conversation again, circling back to the same news event before leaving again. Pray for God’s peace to fill Cole and heal him!

Praised be Jesus Christ!