Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from Br. John with our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

After a long wait at the doctor’s office the nurse apologized and explained how swamped they were. I told her that I forgive you and sympathize with all the work you do. She explained a little more and exasperated, called on the Lord saying, “God help me!” Her mention of God was my cue, so I explained how I had a previous test of patience that morning and when I asked God to help me he began to clear away the frustration until it was completely gone and replaced with joy. She admitted that she wishes she could have that, so I immediately raised my hand and prayed, “Lord Jesus, I just pray that you fill Jeanne with your patience and your peace right now.” She exclaimed, “Oh my, I felt that and have goosebumps all along my arm, look see!” I rejoiced, “Wonderful! More God!” She hesitated, saying, “Oh I don’t think it can go any more! Thank you so much!”

That’s when I told her, “So many people think they’re bothering God with small things like that, but it’s not true. He wants to hear every little thing and help you! Just ask him to fill you with his patience and peace whenever you need him.” She said, “Oh my, I have never realized this…you just changed my days forever! Thank you so much!” We blessed each other and I went back to waiting in the office again.

Praised be Jesus Christ!