Royal Oak, MI.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Anne Harman in Royal Oak, MI:

We had beautiful weather on a recent Wednesday night, and people appeared glad for the comfortable climate and offered our evangelists many smiles even if they didn’t stop to chat. One of our evangelists, Donna, arrived at the corner where we typically evangelize only to see a volunteer from a well-known political group asking for funds and talking about voter rights. She listened to the volunteer and when the volunteer was done, Donna shared that she was Catholic and the woman thanked her for her kindness and listening ear. The story of the Miraculous Medal was shared and the volunteer listened courteously; she declined the offer of the medal but the overall exchange was joy-filled and friendly.

Two evangelists offered a prayer card to a young woman in her 20โ€™s named Mary. She mentioned that just recently sheโ€™d been thinking about returning to Mass. Mary accepted a Rosary and the topic of Divine Mercy chaplet came up. A brief discussion about St. Faustina ensued. The woman explained that her family only attended Mass on the holidays. This led to an explanation on the importance of Mass and Sunday attendance came up. Mary said she was unaware that missing Mass on Sunday was a serious matter despite having attended Catechism. Receiving sacramental confession before receiving Eucharist was emphasized. She accepted prayer for various things mentioned.

Another young woman talked about how she was disappointed with the teaching she was receiving at various Protestant churches. She was simply looking for a church that teaches what is true. Our evangelist asked her to consider the Catholic Church and discussed why it’s the one, true church and that Jesus truly meant what He said at the Last Supper. website was recommended and the woman walked away happy after accepting a Rosary.

Praised be Jesus Christ!