Pottsville, PA

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This report comes to us from team leader Annaleigh with the team in Pottsville, PA:

We had four people including Chris from New Jersey, Maria, Nick, and myself head out to evangelize on a recent Sunday. A mom walked by our table with her young daughter and her sister. While the mom and her sister did not take a rosary, they asked the little girl if she wanted one. She lit up and said, “Yes!” She then came over and picked the color rosary that she wanted. I explained to her that “Mother Mary wants to help protect us. She talks to her Son, Jesus, for us. When you are in a difficult situation, talk to her.” She was wide-eyed, her face lit up, and she was completely intent on hearing every word. Then I reached over for a Miraculous Medal necklace. As I gave it to her, I said that people have worn this necklace and were kept from danger. When you are scared or in trouble, say, “Mama Mary, I need help.” She immediately put it on, the mom said thank you and smiled, and the little girl went skipping along while looking down at her newly acquired Miraculous Medal and rosary.

Later a family walked by, and while the parents at first politely turned down a rosary, we asked if the “little guy” was interested in one. The parents asked him, and he said yes! We let him pick the rosary and then explained how Mary is the mother of Jesus and that the rosary can be a way through which we learn about Jesus. He was a little shy, but the parents encouraged him because he did hear about Jesus before. They thanked us and walked off!
On two different instances, individuals walked past without taking materials but came back for a rosary and asked us for prayer. Here is a story from one of the occasions. Nick offered a rosary to a woman, and she politely turned it down. He then asked if there is any way we could pray for her. She did not stop to talk. While she was not too far a distance away, she turned around and came back. She said, “Actually, could I have a rosary? And can you pray for my mom?” She did not feel comfortable praying right then and there, but she said, “Thank you so much for being here and doing this. I had the worst weekend, and honestly, you were the best thing that happened in it.”

Praised be Jesus Christ!