Warren, MI

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This report comes to us from evangelist Br. John with the Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

Today there was a substitute mail carrier (“Sara”) who came in to deliver packages. We started talking a bit, and then she returned to her mail vehicle to get more packages. I noticed Sara left her keys on the chair, so I brought them outside to her and started a conversation. I told her I’m a missionary and asked if she needed prayer for anything. She said “Yes, please pray for my son. He’s away from God.” I told her I’d be glad to. It turns out that Sara used to be Catholic, but now she belongs to a different denomination. Then I explained that I understood how some feel like they’re not being fed in the Catholic Church, but I told her that Jesus has always been there. I mentioned that she should think about just stopping by a church and praying, because Jesus is in the tabernacle. I asked Sara if she remembered what the tabernacle was and where it’s located in the church, and she said “yes, I do.” I told her she can just stop and pray for a minute in silence, or talk to a priest, or go to confession…I said, “because the Sacraments are wonderful.” Then I told her, “that’s one reason I choose to remain Catholic, despite all of the scandals and everything…I stay because of the sacraments. I try to remember it’s all essentially about The Eucharist.” She agreed, and said she will give some thought to what I said.

Then I gave her a Miraculous Medal and a Holy Family medal and to my surprise she instantly recognized the Miraculous Medal! She also knew about the Virgin Mary and that Our Lady understood what it’s like to lose a son…and that Mary knew exactly how she felt. Then we prayed for a bit. After I finished praying for her and her situation (she had been through a divorce recently), she prayed for me! We finished, and both shared that we felt strongly that the Holy Spirit was upon us as we prayed. She said she hoped we’d see each other again, and then we parted ways.

Praised be Jesus Christ!