Bolingbrook, IL. Most of our stories from the street come from experienced evangelists. Today’s story has a refreshing twist…it comes from someone evangelizing for the very first time!

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This report comes to us from new evangelist Nina with our team in Joliet, IL:

This was my first time out evangelizing in the street after several years of God putting it on my heart. I took the final shift (5-8pm), and when I first got there I was eager but also slightly intimidated. I first observed Veronica attempting to bring others to our table and then I had the courage to start inviting people to take rosaries. I prayed with several people who needed prayers regarding family difficulties and mental health challenges. That part I would say was the easiest for me and I really felt the Holy Spirit give me the words.

The entire time I was out there, I truly felt I was living out my complete purpose on earth: to spread the Gospel. Being in sales, I don’t have that hard of a time facing rejection, which is such a gift from the Lord. I loved evangelizing with my friends and felt so comfortable. We had some good conversations with some Protestants who belong to Victory Church. I’d really like to improve in this area, as I have a hard time incorporating the Eucharist in our conversations. I felt it was so beautiful seeing genuine curiosity with everything at our table – something that I lack at times. It really set me on fire for the Great Commission. Afterwards, I was reflecting on how we have the freedom to do this stuff and how 95% of the people we saw/spoke to were pleasant. I was talking with Anthony about how easy evangelizing to these people can be at times because of how pleasant they are. But even though people are “nice”, “pleasant”, “good people”, they could often be spiritually dead and that’s the biggest problem we face in America: people who grew up in the faith, know about it, and still choose to live in sin. It really makes you appreciate the patience and grace of God. Overall, I had an incredibly joyful experience and I can’t wait to go out there again.

Praised be Jesus Christ!