Cullman County, AL.

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This report comes from Br. John with our Society of Evangelists:

While on a trip to visit a shrine, I had a conversation with the receptionist and somehow we began to talk about all sorts of things, but especially how, although she was baptized, only recently began to know God in a profound and personal way. “Sarah” shared how she and her husband were overcoming addiction when the Christian recovery program reintroduced her to God and she began to connect with a non-Catholic Christian community. After much struggling to find a job, the shrine hired her and she is overjoyed at the environment of peace and kindness of the people.

I shared that I was a Catholic missionary and how beautiful the shrine Mass was, but also how vital it is to be involved in community and of the benefits of small prayer groups. After a while I had a better feel for where she was as a Christian and offered to pray for her. She said absolutely and shared her intentions but then the phone calls started to come in so I decided to explore and come back later. While praying and listening to worship songs, Sarah came to mind so I began to intercede for her and listen to what the Lord might want to say. I came back to the reception desk and told Sarah that as I was praying for her a song that came on that spoke directly to what we had talked about. We knew it was from God so we prayed for her intentions, for healing, to know Christ more, and to be filled with His Spirit. She said, “Wow, I totally felt that! I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for talking and praying for me!” I mentioned that I was staying for a number of days and she needed to work so we blessed each other and I continued on my way. I am asking Our Lord how he wants to work through me for Sarah.

Praised be Jesus Christ!