Royal Oak, MI.

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This report comes to us from evangelist Steve with our National SPSE team:

Recently, the Detroit Metropolitan area brought back the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, after being on hiatus last year due to COVID. It is the world’s largest one-day car event, where folks bring out their classic cars, sports cars, antique cars, and drive up and down Woodward Avenue to display them for car enthusiasts. Our SPSE team set up a booth right in front of the National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica on Woodward and handed out rosaries, medals, pamphlets, and tried to strike up conversations with people walking by.

One couple I talked to said that they were good Catholics, and so I gave them the “Good Catholic quiz” to see if they passed. When I asked when the last time they’d been to confession was, the wife said “two years ago”, and the husband joked, “Look, there’s a squirrel!” trying to humorously divert attention from the question. At this point, Steve gave One Good Reason why he goes to confession, mentioning that our salvation depends on us going to confession for the forgiveness of our serious sins, and it also provides us the grace to be spiritually stronger. The encounter had a good outcome thankfully. They both agreed to go back to confession, and they parted ways with a handshake.

Praised be Jesus Christ!