Novi, MI.

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This report comes to us from Regional Missionary Tony with evangelists from Holy Family church in Novi, MI:

Labor Day Weekend, staff and parishioners from Holy Family Church in Novi had conversations of faith with fair goers, handing out rosaries, devotional materials and over 1000 blessed guardian angel medals, inviting many to explore a deeper relationship with the Lord through their upcoming Alpha program. Following dialogue with folks from all walks of life, they prayed with many for spiritual and physical healing needs.

I presented the Gospel message to young adults Bob and Nicole who were regular Mass goers discerning marriage in the Church but uninspired in their faith. They accepted an invitation to Alpha followed by prayer from Tony for God’s abundant grace in their relationship. The couple left recognizing an encounter with the Lord who was calling them, together, to give their whole hearts to Him.

Holy Family parishioner, and new evangelist, Mary helped an inquiring young man to discover the blessings of praying to Jesus through Mary with the rosary, joyfully exclaiming after “Wow, this is fun!”

Praised be Jesus Christ!