Joliet, IL.

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This report comes to us from our team in Joliet, IL:

It took a little while for people to warm up to us, but as the day progressed we had several people coming to our booth and taking sacramentals and rosaries. John came out with us for the first time to evangelize, and he said he loved it! He was very comfortable talking with others, and it seems his reading of Bishop Barron, Scott Hahn and the like really helped him and he is excited to come out again! One woman came up with her husband and said she needed another rosary, and asked her if we knew how to pray it. She said she has a hard time remembering how, so we gave her one of the “How to Pray the Rosary” pamphlets and explained it to her as a walk through Scripture.

Another woman came up and asked for prayers for her daughter-in-law and son. She really liked seeing the St. Michael medal and took one, saying she prayed to him a lot. We asked where she went to church and she said she was Lutheran, but liked the beauty of the Catholic Church. We prayed together, but didn’t have a chance to invite her to come deeper as she soon parted. Please pray for her intentions and for her conversion to the Catholic faith, and likewise for all those non-Catholic Christians and non-Christians alike we encountered and prayed with today!

Praised be Jesus Christ!