Ybor City, FL.

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This report comes to us from team leader Bill with our team in Tampa, FL:

The SPSE Tampa Chapter was back spreading the Gospel message in Ybor City under sunny skies on a beautiful fall day. Thanks to Reuben & Aaron for joining me on this outing.

Some interesting encounters:
I had a long talk with Bob. We see him there often soliciting signatures for various petitions. He claims to be Jewish by birth, but is now atheist. He told me I could never get him to be Catholic, but all I was trying to do was instill the possibility of God’s existence in him. I have found that certain people won’t give an inch while engaged in the conversation. My hope is the seed gets planted and they consider God on their own.

A group of young women passed by, politely declining our offer of a free rosary. It was apparent two of them were a couple. After they got about 50′ away one came back and looked over the pamphlets. She grabbed the one on the Last Four Things – death, judgement, heaven and hell. After we packed up, Aaron and I enjoyed some pizza and beer down the street.

Praised be Jesus Christ!