San Diego, CA.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Joseph with our San Diego – East County team in CA:

Our team witnesses Tuesday evenings in front of a Trader Joe’s just off the campus of San Diego State University. We see so many students, but most pass us by. However, every outing the Lord gives us ample chances to witness to the young minds all around us. Tim, a new recruit to our team is very adept at sharing the Faith, had a good encounter with a couple of college-aged women. They walked up, and one immediately asked if I’d answer some questions. I said yes. She was an atheist and had questions about the Faith. I told her it was too easy to be an atheist, denying God’s existence because you can’t see or hear Him. Everything in life that has value comes with effort, like school, work or raising good kids. For about 20 min., I answered how I came to faith in Jesus and how God made us male and female. I told them that God can’t be referred to as “it” since He’s personal, but that we call Him Father and “He” because males generally take the initiative with females, and God takes the initiative in His relationship with us.

Next, I explained how I knew about God, the history of God revealing Himself, followed by the making of His family, the sons and daughters of Jesus’ Church. Emphasis was put on God being Love and wanting the best for everyone. I talked about the hope we can have to be in Heaven with God. In their eyes, I saw a child-like trust and thirst. One of them said she was happy that I had that hope. I knew that the Holy Spirit was at work in their hearts. I’ll never forget those eyes. COVID has made us all better observers of eyes. True, they can deceive, but I truly believe seeds were planted. The eyes are the window to the soul, indeed!

Praised be Jesus Christ!