Warren, MI.

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This report comes to us from evangelist John:

Being stirred up about evangelization while reading some articles about “spirit-filled evangelizer” saints, the doorbell rang. I accepted the package from the mail carrier and asked, “Hey! Before you go, do you need prayer for anything?” and smiled. He didn’t quite understand me, so I repeated the question. “No, do you need prayer for anything in your life?” He responded enthusiastically, “Oh, yes, wow, I need prayer for everything!” I tried to get him to narrow it down to the most important thing, so he said his health. After he explained his health condition I asked if I could start praying but first I asked if he believed in God. He responded affirmatively. Then I asked if he believed in Jesus, to which he said, “Oh yes!” “Awesome brother, he’s amazing!”

Ray took off his hat and bowed his head. I started the prayer by asking God to guide us then prayed blessing over him and his health. Then I asked Ray if he had two children or if it meant anything to him. “Hm, well, no.. but I have two dogs. I guess they are my children!” with a huge smile on his face. I laughed and said, “Hey I know how you feel, I love animals too!” and talked about the gift of animals God gave to him to bring him joy. He got emotional, saying, “Oh man, I could cry right now. Who are you, or, what are you? Are you, like, the pastor here or something?” I said that I was a missionary and in about 15 seconds explained how God saved me from a life of darkness and brought me to this point where it’s my greatest joy to love Jesus and help others to know him. He responded, “Wow, that’s amazing, man, I know just what you mean. I want to talk to you about that sometime but I really gotta get back to work. But I’m going to find a way to come back!” I said, “I would totally love to talk and pray with you again, just ask for me!” We thanked God and blessed each other as Ray ran back to his truck.

Praised be Jesus Christ!