Cincinnati, OH.

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This report comes to us from team leader Melissa with our team in Milford, OH:

On Saturday the SPSE Milford Team joined the SPSE Cincinnati Team at Smale Park along the Ohio River. We met a woman named Ally (homeless and pregnant). I loved seeing her proudly show me the Miraculous Medals she was wearing and witnessing her humility. She asked about nearby pregnancy centers in the area, we did our best to assist and I gave her my card hoping she would call. Her boyfriend chose a Crucifix and put it on right away.

A Catholic family stopped by with two young daughters. We asked them if they had any prayer requests. They paused for a minute, and began a long list, from a Social Study test to concerns about several neighbors and friends. The daughters also took a Miraculous Medal. We also met Jasmine, a pregnant mom with gestational diabetes. Her baby’s name is Josiah. His due date has been moved to an earlier date because of concerns regarding gestational diabetes. We also met Jasmine’s three kids and sister, a very sweet family. They all took a Miraculous Medal and we prayed for Jasmine and her family. I am thankful for the Cincinnati Team allowing the Milford Team to join them on the beautiful afternoon. This was our first time evangelizing together.

Praised be Jesus Christ!