Detroit, MI.

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This story comes from evangelist Mark with the National SPSE team:

I was on my way home after daily Mass when I saw a familiar, elderly couple sitting on their front porch. The couple, Jack and Pam, used to come to Mass every Sunday but have gone only a few times in the last 1.5 years. Pam has several health issues and needs constant care; it was clear that Jack was under a lot of stress and very fearful about Pam’s health. I suggested that they ask our pastor, Fr. Jerry, to come and give her Anointing of the Sick. Jack admitted that would be a good idea and said that he would call the rectory the next day.

The couple watches Mass on TV most Sundays but doesn’t have much motivation to go in person. I talked about the importance of physical attendance at church. I further explained, “you take the time to go and visit your family and friends, why not take the time to go and visit the house of God?” They weren’t entirely convinced by that comparison but they agreed that it would be best to Mass again.

Praised be Jesus Christ!