Newbury, OH.

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This story comes from Sue, the SPSE team leader in Newbury, OH:

I wanted to tell you about our first outing, this past Saturday. Even though it was brisk, the Holy Spirit sent people our way, so that they could be warmed by receiving kindness, love and the Word from our teams.

Len met with two men and was able to pray for them. They had asked for prayers for world peace. Len prayed the Our Father with them. The men were blessed with prayers and God was glorified.

Donna and Len had a meaningful encounter with a young woman who needed prayers and good listeners. She received both. She had struggled for years with anxiety and depression. She eventually sought medical help, which gave her some relief mentally, but she needed Jesus to heal her soul. She had been Catholic, but away from the church. Donna invited the girl to go to confession and mass with her. Donna also offered her a card with her contact information on it. Seeds were planted.

I offered one girl a bulletin from the nearest Catholic Church. I asked her if she was Catholic. She said she was a member of a non-denominational church. I asked her what she liked about her church. She didn’t have an answer. I told her I was Catholic and what I really loved about the Catholic Church was the unity. I told her how each day we receive the Bible readings for that day and that all over the world Catholics can be reading and studying the same readings. I told her how I love the gift of the Eucharist. How beautiful it is that we can receive Jesus every day in our body, to give us strength and grace. I showed her who to contact if she wanted more information about becoming Catholic. She also accepted a rosary and pamphlet on praying the rosary. More seeds.

A prayer I always say is: Holy Spirit, please help them hear what they need to hear, and not what I say. I know the Holy Spirit will take our little attempts, and make them fruitful.

I’m so glad we had the opportunity to go out and share the Word and meet people where they are at in their faith life. Looking forward to next Saturday in Chagrin Falls!

Praised be Jesus Christ!