Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

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This report comes to us from team leader Donna in Cuyahoga Falls, OH:

Rita is ready to go out even in inclement weather. I think she was disappointed to hear we were taking off December through February. About her second outing as an evangelist she writes:

“A beautiful young girl rounded the corner and due to the bushes, it was a surprise. Her looks were so striking that I blurted out “Hello, beautiful!”. I invited her to get closer, “Come over and talk to us for a few minutes.” I immediately had this motherly feeling for her. “What are you doing here today?” She was alone and just seemed to be wandering. She smiled, “Oh, I’m just walking around.” I got her pretty name, Iona. I went right into The Plan, The Problem, The Repair and by the time I got to the Response she had looked at her phone, texted with her thumbs and waved to a person across the street. I knew my time was limited. She said she knew nothing about the Catholic church. At the end I offered to say a quick prayer, she said “no thanks, I’m fine” as she was looking down the street. She left with a rosary, a pamphlet and a church bulletin and an invitation to visit sans Communion. Today, I remember her today with ease and pray for her. I was really blessed to encounter her.”

Sue came laden with a tote of supplies and stuffed her coat pockets with pamphlets. She effectively used the church bulletin as her weapon of choice. Our parish was giving out Advent resources this week. About her first outing she writes:

“I offered one girl a bulletin from the nearest Catholic Church and she accepted it. I asked her if she was Catholic, and she said she was in a non-denominational church. I asked her what she liked about her church and she didn’t have an answer. I told her I was Catholic, and what I really loved about the Catholic Church is the unity. I told her how each day we receive the bible readings for that day, and that all over the world Catholics can be reading and studying the same readings. I told her how I love the gift of the Eucharist. How beautiful it is that we can receive Jesus every day in our body to give us strength and grace. I showed her who to contact if she wanted more information about becoming Catholic. She also accepted a rosary and pamphlet on saying the rosary.”

We are all looking forward to another joint outing next Saturday at a half-way point in Chagrin Falls, Ohio the day of their tree lighting.

Praised be Jesus Christ!