Warren, MI.

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This report comes to us from evangelist Br. John with our National SPSE team in Warren, MI:

I recently went to a local convenience store, and as I was paying for my items the cashier “Kelly” and I got into a friendly conversation. She said that she is in a bad living situation and needs to find a new place. So I listened and sympathized with her and then at the end said, “I want to say a quick prayer for you.” Kelly said it’d be fine, so I asked if she believes in miracles and she said she does. I said, “Do you believe in God and Jesus?” She said, “Well, I don’t disbelieve in God.” I glanced over my shoulder and saw there were people in line behind me, so I said quickly, “Well you know what? I pray that God will bless you and open up doors for you and so you just wait and you’ll see!” Kelly thanked me, to which I responded, “God bless you!” and went on my way.

Praised be Jesus Christ!