Detroit, MI.

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This story comes from team leader Mark with the Eastern Market team in Detroit, MI:

Several evangelists did door-to-door evangelization in the neighborhood immediately surrounding St. Mary of Redford Church. I partnered with Sam, an active and zealous parishioner. Sam was really excited to visit his neighbors and invite them to the nearby church. I must admit that I was skeptical before we started to go around the neighborhood. I assumed that nobody would ever open their door, much less have an actual conversation with us. Wow, I’m glad that I was wrong! Sam and I visited about 20 houses and about 15 of them answered. Out of all the houses that answered, only one declined to talk with us. Almost everyone accepted a rosary, Miraculous Medal, and invitation to an upcoming conference at the church. We prayed with several people: deliverance from drug addiction, recovery from a heart attack, and many more intentions. Near the end, we ran out of How to Pray the Rosary pamphlets but continued going door to door. We wrote down the addresses of the houses that wanted a rosary pamphlet and Sam went back to follow-up.

Praised be Jesus Christ!