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This report comes to us from online school of evangelization student Dennis in New Jersey:

I am a prayer warrior at an abortion clinic. Normally, I do not approach women as a sidewalk counselor. The young woman was there because her baby was dead. I asked her if I could pray for her. I am way out of my comfort zone praying because I don’t know what to say. She said yes. I expressed my sorrow, prayed that God would help her to get through this and that her baby will be in heaven. At the end she said God bless you.

I try to evangelize in other areas of my life too…not just for a fixed time or outing. I think my first priority with regards to evangelization is going to be trying to engage more people in conversation without worrying where the conversation goes. Simply greeting people for example with, “how are you doing?” or “how is life treating you?” might lead to a conversation. This represents a change in my personality. Recently, talking to a contractor about installing new gutters on my house led to a conversation about faith. I think the conversation turned to faith when the question of working on Sundays came up. He had been away from the Catholic Church for years and was once an altar boy. I encouraged him to go to church and confession.

Praised be Jesus Christ!