Pontiac, MI.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Anne in Pontiac, MI:

By the grace of God, the Matchan SPSE team in Pontiac, MI had a new evangelist last month…AND another new evangelist THIS month. And what a day we had at Matchan! Our SPSE table is very close to where the patrons eat a hot lunch AND near where patrons can “shop” at the Marketplace. Here many groceries are available at no charge. Matchan also has areas with donated clothing; that is where I hang out. I notice what people are looking for or perhaps I ask them and then I go through the clothing helping them find the correct size. SPSE volunteers bring in cloth bags and satchels they no longer need and I fold the clothing and put it in the cloth bag. We exchange names and a conversation naturally flows and before you know it, they say “Yes” to my offer of prayer. We will usually go toward the SPSE table where there are multiple prayer stations with three chairs. A fellow evangelist will join me and we begin. Listening intently to their needs is crucial so that the person feels heard and loved. Each and every prayer need is lifted to the Lord and we then offer a rosary and a Miraculous Medal. God is at work at Matchan.

“Marcus”, a tall 50-ish man, shared how he was assaulted at work 20 years ago. This violence meant that he had been on disability since then. The idea of forgiveness was discussed and he shared how he had already forgiven the person. His prayer needs included financial and emotional issues. While praying, one of our evangelists felt inspired to ask about an issue that may have occurred around age 6. The man immediately shared that at that time, his family did not yet have a home and they were always living with friends or relatives. And that he had to sleep on the floor. WOW! We were so glad he shared that hurt. He mentioned some envy of others (family members and fellow students) who DID have a bed and a home. The evangelists led him through a prayer of renouncing envy. It was a beautiful encounter. The man left our prayer station with a smile on his face.

Praised be Jesus Christ!