Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from Br. John with our National SPSE team in Warren, MI:
I recently took my car to a repair shop because of some problems with the heating system. After our serviceman explained to us what was happening, I thanked him for his work then asked, “Hey, before you go, do you need prayer for anything today?” He smiled and pulled out his St. Anthony medal and his cross around his neck. He said he will marry later this year at a nearby parish. Instead, he asked me to pray for the rest of his job assignments that day as they are very short-staffed. I asked if I could say a quick prayer for these things and as he lowered his head and closed his eyes I prayed for a resolution to our heating problem, for the rest of “Jason’s” workday, for a smooth preparation for his wedding and to be blessed with a holy family. He thanked me and we blessed each other’s day. Next time I will prepare medals for him and his fiancée and ask what else God may want me to do for him.
Praised be Jesus Christ!