Philadelphia, PA.

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The following report comes to us from Nancy with our team in Lower Bucks County, PA:

Nancy and Keith (from Morrisville PA team) went downtown on Saturday morning to evangelize at Suburban Station in Philadelphia. With books, medals, rosaries, a sign and granola bars on hand, we were ready! Since the pandemic, the station isn’t quite as busy, but there still was good foot traffic to allow us to reach out and speak to many people and to pray with several.

Our first encounter was with a woman named Michelle who blessed us for being there and told us that she prayed for happiness, which she said we all need more of these days. Next up Rayford spoke with us about how he wanted to get more involved with ministry and that he felt a calling to do more.

Mindy, a lady from Downingtown, came over and thanked us for our ministry. She told of her Methodist church and ministry and how they were trying to discern how to serve God with evangelization ministry. We prayed together with her for clarity of path forward. She was so pleased to see us and our little prayer station.

Praised be Jesus Christ!