Lancaster, PA.

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This report comes to us from Dcn. Alex in Lancaster, PA:

Last Tuesday’s “maiden voyage” at St Francis’ Food Pantry went well. Sally and I set up our (portable) booth right outside of the food distribution area on the porch and were later invited into an inside “weather-protected” area, where we were able to share our faith. We met with a few dozen people who received rosaries, crucifixes, holy medals/cards and children’s religious items (crosses, coloring books, etc.). Some received prayer and encouragement, especially appreciated by those going through difficult times. The Holy Spirit was present in a tangible way. It was an honor serving with the volunteers who come week after week giving food to the needy, and the workers appreciated our presence. Dcn Miguel was there too. He volunteers at the pantry in various ways, and also will pray with those in the food-receiving line. Knowing Spanish in this area is a definite plus!

For the next couple of Winter months we plan on utilizing this venue as “hitting the streets” may be challenging with the weather. This is an ideal opportunity for evangelists who may be intimidated with “cold-calling” people on the streets. Using a military term, this place is a “softer target” for the Gospel, as most people approach the evangelist, instead of the evangelist reaching out to the people.

Praised be Jesus Christ!