Aiken, SC.

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This report comes to us from team leaders Cathy and Veronica with our St. Mary Help of Christians Church team in Aiken, SC:

We had two encounters with the same woman in the recent past, who came to our table in front of the St. Vincent De Paul food pantry at St. Mary. The first time she came to us she was in a terrible state, disheveled, distraught, and not walking very well. Veronica and I had her sit down and we talked to her for quite a while. She said she’d fallen in a ditch, and we had no reason not to believe her with how she looked. In her desperation she was crying out to God to take her. From what she shared with us we could tell she knew the Lord, but her life was in shambles. We prayed with her for her many needs. When she stood up to leave, she was walking much better.

The second encounter we had with this precious lady was in the same location. It was possibly a few months later. We saw two women coming towards the table who were neatly dressed. When I looked at one of the women, she smiled at me. I wondered if it might be the same person, but before I could get the words out, she asked us if we knew who she was. She told us her name with a big smile. She looked and acted like a completely different person, neatly dressed, hair combed, and at peace. She said she was working at a local restaurant. She ministered to us by telling us how much God loves us! She took some of the pamphlets on the table along with a few rosaries and was planning on going to the Salvation Army shelter, perhaps to share Jesus’ love with them. This woman who the Lord sent to us was transformed by His Grace and the power of Prayer!

Praised be Jesus Christ!