Lower Bucks County, PA.

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The following report comes to us from Nancy with our team in Lower Bucks County, PA:

Dcn. Mark and Nancy went downtown to evangelize at Suburban Station in center city Philadelphia. The team quickly met a young man who was staggering around near their prayer station. He was very thin, shaky, and confused, but did respond when asked if he would like a blessed medal and perhaps to pray. The man said his name was Joshua. To this we exclaimed that he was named after Jesus. Joshua was perplexed and then repeated, what do you mean, my name isn’t Jesus! We told him that Joshua comes from Yeshua, which is the same name as Jesus, from Greek. We told him that his name meant Jesus, which means “God Saves”. He allowed us to place a crucifix on his neck and to say a short prayer with him. Joshua came back a few times, asking again, are you serious, does my name Joshua really come from Jesus’ name? Our team assured him we were telling him the truth and that we would be praying to his namesake for his healing. Jesus, please heal Joshua spiritually, physically, and mentally!

An older lady came by, Yolanda, and while she seemed to be on her way to work, she was happy to stop and receive a blessed medal and to pray. She told of her son Joseph that moved up from Texas and who was living with her, and her family who was unhappy about this. The team prayed with Yolanda for her son to have direction in life, to get a job and home of his own and for her family peace. She left with St. Michael the Archangel medals with crucifixes, one for herself and one for Joseph as well as St. Michael prayer cards. God willing, her son Joseph prays the prayer, wears his sacramentals and turns to God for perseverance and right judgement.

Nancy and Deacon Mark prayed with several others, many homeless. A bag of clementines came in very handy for a little nutritious snack for our friends (i.e., baggies handy too for peel). As always, we make our little effort for the Lord and he shows up. A man Rick who we prayed with was obviously moved by the Holy Spirit, praying for his wife Juanita. He passed us again on the way out of the station and thanked us profusely, proclaiming that we had some good prayers! Praise God!
Please consider praying for the following people and their intentions in your own prayers. Thank you for your consideration! May you be greatly blessed

Joshua – healing from his addiction and for shelter and direction
Verona – for shelter and good health
Yolanda (mom) – for son Joseph who has moved up from Texas, for him to find own home and job and for family peace
Tyeer – success and direction in life
Rick – for his wife Juanita’s health and for the couple’s fulfillment, peace and faith
Young mom – for her pregnancy and her two little girls
Ebony – for shelter and food
Sherman – for work and the ability to clothe and house himself
Raymond – a veteran, very joyful man, for peace hope and happiness in Philadelphia
Rosa – from Dominican Republic, to find a home and a job
John(ell) – for shelter, care, healing from addiction and abuse

Praised be Jesus Christ!