Atlanta, GA.

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This report comes from team leader Robert with our St. Oliver Plunkett team in Atlanta, GA:

The SPSE team kicked off the Lenten Men’s Friday Fish Fry to share our Faith. As the event had been canceled in past years due to the pandemic period, this year’s kick off was like the floodgates were opened with parishioners and local Catholics returning to enjoy the best fish dinner in the region and share in fellowship with each other. Many commented the parking lot looked like it does during a Sunday Mass and hoped the fish did not run out. But like the power in the Gospel, there was plenty of fish and bread to feed Christ’s disciples with several baskets left over.

We encountered many who were visiting our parish and who were not familiar with our Ministry. Each expressed joy we were out and thanked us for being there. We handed out rosaries, saint medals and prayer cards. It was not uncommon for some who didn’t want to take more than one, however we encouraged them to take as many items as they needed and share.

Two grandmothers approached our table and although they had several young grandchildren, they were each hesitant to take more than one. With encouragement, they ended up taking items for each grandchild. The common theme of our discussion was their lack of Faith in God, or in our religion. Having recently one of my grown daughters return to the Church, I shared my story with them and they hope for the same result for their grandchildren. They pray everyday for them to find their Faith.
A father and his young daughter visited our table and the father took a Miraculous Medal for himself and the daughter took a few saint medals. How impressive she already knew about the Saints she chose. A few young adults visited our table and picked up saint medals to keep in their car, so they “have protection when they drive”. It was a wonderful evening being out and we look forward to other Friday outings during lent to share God’s work.

Praised be Jesus Christ!