Philadelphia, PA.

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This story comes from Deacon Mark with our team in Lower Bucks County, PA:

Nancy and I were joined this blustery morning by Deacon Franz and diaconate ordinand Joe. As it was beginning to sleet by the time we arrived downtown, we opted to stay inside and greet passengers and homeless people seeking warmth and shelter in the station. We barely began setting up our stands and sacramentals when the first row people showed up and began talking with us. Joe was engaged close to 45 minutes with one man who initially claimed to be illiterate but who was well versed in the Bible and at times a bit argumentative, but Joe was remarkably able to stay focused and respond well to the man’s comments and questions. In the meantime, the rest of us spoke with a number of other passers by and often prayed us a group with people who welcomed our presence and intercessions on their behalf. Please join us in praying for the following individuals that asked for our help:

* David, who asks for prayers for Patricia who has already passed and for his Uncle Clint, that he may pass safely to Heaven.
* Dada, for her safety and well-being
* Jeremy, who feels strung out in the freezing weather on the street, that God may restore his sense of well-being
* Gamma, for her parents’ healing from addiction to alcohol
* Abigail, a homeless woman who wants shelter
* Thomas, for the relief of his stress concerning the well-being of Diane and their child Corinne
* Jeanne, that she can find a way back to her home in California
* Jasmine, for more strength
* Anthony, who has been homeless for a week after not being able to pay his rent: that he can find new employment and freedom from addiction to alcohol
* Joseph, a homeless man who wants shelter
* Rosa, a woman from the Dominican Republic who had stopped by a month ago and still had the rosary that we had given her then. She asks for continued prayers for her needs
* Jeremy, that he may have safe travels
* Frank, for his well-being, renewed faith and for his friendship with Darrell

Of interest, Franz helps coordinate summer internships for men in diaconate formation, and he will be addressing the candidates at their upcoming workshop about the possibility of them getting trained by our evangelization team and then joining us in our ministry this summer. Joe will also be there for his final workshop and will give his personal testimony to the men, as he has worked with us on several occasions and is convinced that it is effective.