Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from Michael with our National SPSE team in Warren, MI:

Recently I was in a waiting room where there was almost a two hour delay before they could see me. Towards the end of my wait, a woman sat down who appeared to be very sad and troubled. I ran out to my car and grabbed a St. Benedict crucifix, Miraculous Medal and holy card to give to her. Now I just had to wait for the right time to give it to her. Not too long after, she asked if I had a cigarette. I told her no, and then seized the opportunity to give her the cross, medal and card. She said her name was “Rula”, and I introduced myself as well. Then I said that God loved her and that whatever she was going through, to just grab the cross & medal to remind her of His love. She started to cry and explained that she was addicted to a particular drug and was trying to get clean. I tried to encourage her, and then explained the Miraculous Medal and its significance. At this point, someone came out to let me know they’d see me now. Once the appointment was done, I came out and tried to speak a few more hopeful words before departing. Rula expressed her gratitude, and we parted ways.

Praised be Jesus Christ!