Boise, ID

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

Easter Sunday brought us some interesting encounters. As we were setting up, Chuck saw a young man suddenly drop to one knee in front of a young woman. Big grins ensued, followed by hugs and kisses. So, Chuck called to the man, “Did you just propose?” Yes. He invited them to come receive a Rosary to get their life started off right. When they came to the table, he asked the woman if she had been expecting that. “Not today!” she said. Although not Catholic, they agreed to receive a Rosary, choosing one between the two of them. May Our Lord bless their marriage and bring their resulting family to salvation!

Most people cheerfully returned our “Happy Easter” wishes. But one man from a group of 4 people loudly said no to Lucy’s offer of a free Rosary. When she wished him a Happy Easter anyway, his second no was both louder and sharper. May he not give a final no to Jesus’ offer of salvation!

A man on a bicycle stopped briefly. He took the Rosary out of Chuck’s hand, and gave him “an Easter egg with a nice message” in return. He pointedly didn’t return Chuck’s “Happy Easter” wish. The message inside the plastic egg was one that you might call anti-forgiveness.

A family stopped because the mother was interested. She and the kids selected a Rosary apiece, but the father did not. Chuck talked to the father about mundane things as Lucy briefly described the devotion to the others. As they were walking away, we could overhear the father reciting the Hail Mary to them, but it did not seem to be in a positive way. Later, when the family walked back past us the father did not make eye contact with the evangelists. Pray for peace and protection for the faithful in this family.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Please pray for God to send people to this team with hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes from their efforts.