Warren, MI

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The following report comes to us from John with our National SPSE team in Warren, MI:

Recently, I was visiting family and stayed at a hotel. Before I left the check-in counter, I asked the clerk Maria if she needed prayer for anything because I like to pray for people. She said, “Well, maybe…my brother is struggling with alcoholism.” I asked if either went to church and she said “no”, but they both believe in God. So then I shared with her the story of a friend who had a successful construction company and was struggling with alcoholism and didn’t know what to do so he got on his knees and asked God to help him and when he got up the addiction had completely left him. Maria was surprised and said “what a coincidence because my brother also works in construction. I said, “Hey, this is no coincidence, and I encourage you to talk sometimes and tell him that Jesus can help him. Maria said, “I should” and shared a little more. I suggested that she go to church and she again said “I should”. I saw a customer behind me so I wrapped up by asking if she was Catholic and she said “yes I am!” I said good, you should really go. Maria said “I should, thank you so much!” I said, “No problem, I’ll keep you both in prayer. God bless!”

Praised be Jesus Christ!