This report comes to us from Deacon Alex in Harrisburg, PA:

We continue to evangelize at St Francis Food Pantry. Our persistence is paying big spiritual dividends; many we encounter, as they pick up groceries, are now asking us for prayers, as well as responding to our offers for prayer. We are getting some “repeat” customers, who say the prayers are a blessing, as well as the sacramentals (rosaries, holy medals, etc.) we give out. We are considering expanding our evangelism in the area to mid-day on some Saturdays during the summer.

Last week we met with a young man from El Salvador, with a young family in his country, who was headed back home. He conveyed that the highlight of his visit to the US was his time at St Francis, specifically his times of ministry from our evangelism team. He took a St Christopher medal/holy card to pray with for his trip, and received a Deacon blessing from Alex for the road. He was very touched.

Praised be Jesus Christ!