San Diego, CA

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The following report comes to us from store customer Lily in San Diego, CA:

One of our customers, Lily, has been purchasing rosaries and Miraculous Medals from our store over the past year. Here’s what she has been doing with them:
With financial help from her friends, Lily has purchased 60,000 Miraculous Medals and 15,000 rosaries and sent them to Vietnam churches and missionary sisters. These Sisters gave food to the poor and evangelization at the same time with Miraculous Medals and taught them to pray with rosaries from the time of pandemic in 2021.

They told me there were so many responses and blessings that they have received from our Mother Mary. And It is amazing that the people who received the medals and rosaries, through word of mouth, wound up evangelizing others and so the need for both has just compounded over time.

Praised be Jesus Christ!