Pittsburgh, PA

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The following report comes to us from SPSE training attendee Lauren in Pittsburgh, PA:

The COO for SPSE, Adam, came and presented at Assumption church in the Bellevue neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, a few weeks back. Just last evening, I was speaking with a staff member of a group home next door to me in Bellevue, and we started talking about the Catholic faith. She was very excited to show me the blessed rosary she carries in her pocket and she said she also carries a Miraculous Medal. I didn’t put two and two together until she told me that a gentleman from one of the local Catholic churches came with a group to pray at their door a few weeks back. This opened up the conversation in such amazing ways, and I received such grace to ask her to pray with me right then and there for all of her intentions. I would never have done this in the past. She told me that she puts the rosary under her pillowcase when she sleeps and that she thought I would think she was crazy. Now she thinks that everyone but Catholics would think this crazy. We wound up having an hour-long conversation with spontaneous prayer, the rosary, and bible quotes. The Holy Spirit is working here in Bellevue! Thank you, Adam, for your witness and encouragement!

Praised be Jesus Christ!