Lower Bucks County, PA

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Deacon Mark and Nancy were joined by new teammate Allen in Ambler, PA for street evangelization. Deacon Mark’s home parish, St. Joseph, is in Ambler and the team hoped to get to meet and speak with passersby who lived in the area. The little team setup the prayer station on the sidewalk next to the entrance to the Saturday Farm Market. The number of people milling about was significantly greater than has been seen on other Saturday mornings on Main Street. There were some friendly folks who stopped to chat, pray, receive sacramentals and tracts. Many were not too open to stopping or receiving anything. It was a bit reminiscent of experiences in Philadelphia where suburbanites frequently rush by and sometimes avoid eye contact, hurried to get by. However there were some notable impressions and some intentions prayed about.

A family visiting from Toledo were happy to receive blessed medals and rosaries. They said that they knew about St. Paul Street Evangelization from home and that they were thankful for our witness. It is so nice when people are open and friendly! The one little girl with them, Reese, was nonverbal and her mother explained to us that she would like a rosary and that she’s struggling because she is nonverbal. The little girl was learning sign language. Our new teammate Allen also knew some sign language and tried to communicate, but little Reese was overstimulated and her big sister picked her up and hugged her, to try and ease her anxiety. We prayed for mom, kids, and family and for Reese’s progress.

Diane, in a motorized chair, attended by her helper Shakeela, stopped to speak with us and to received blessed medals and a tract on “the Ultimate Relationship” (Catholic Christian Outreach) from Allen. The team prayed for Diane’s continued healing and recovery, and for the Holy Spirit to anoint her and Shakeela with peace, joy, and hope. Diane told us that she had been bedridden for a time and how wonderful it was to be out and about. She told us she planned to read the ultimate relationship at home later. The tract that Allen brought and provided happened to be the same one that Deacon Mark has used in door to door visits in Ambler. What a coincidence! It may be found here: https://cco.ca/resources/ultimate-relationship/

Please consider praying for the following people/intentions in your prayers:

  • Peggy’s sister Nell, for healing from her anxiety and for her upcoming health tests and effective treatment
  • Patty’s friend Shelly, who has suffered for years from polycystic kidney disease, for her comfort, treatment, healing and recovery
  • Reese and family members for Toledo, for their family’s health, safety and continued faithfulness; for Reese’s cognitive and emotional development
  • For a lady’s grandsons, Timmy and Connor, for wellness and faith
  • Dianne, for continued faithfulness, comfort and healing, peace, joy and hope
  • Shakeela, for a special intention