Gaithersburg, MD

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The following report comes to us from team leader Nancy with our team in Gaithersburg, MD:

God pours out grace and power when we share our testimony. Bob and I went out to the bus terminal and met a man named Simon. He was in a hurry but was really eager to talk and was asking questions as to what we believed as he was Muslim. I shared my testimony with him and the basic gospel message and gave him information for him to read. His bus came at that time. Please pray that God would open his heart to the truth.

So many people need to be encouraged in the faith as was the case when we talked to Kojo who is Christian. He shared with me some circumstances that have been very challenging and he felt like God was not hearing his prayers. I shared some scriptures with him and encouraged him to give God a chance. After talking a while, he was convicted that he needed to stop dating the girl he was dating as it was bringing him farther away from God. Please pray for him that he would follow through on the information given to him and God would give him courage to do His will.

We met a beautiful lady named Sandra and prayed with her. She shared with us that her 22 year old son had just been in a motorcycle accident which was not his fault. He received major injuries to his back and vertebrae, ribs and shoulders. She said it was a miracle that he’s alive as he was wearing his helmet. Please pray for Benjamin that God would completely heal and restore his body. She was very grateful as we gave her a crucifix and Miraculous Medals for him and all of her other four children and told her he will be on our prayer list. Lord, please continue to bless our little chapter and all the people that we talked to today that you would draw all of them to yourself in Jesus’s Name.

Praised be Jesus Christ!