Joliet, IL

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This report comes to us from evangelist Nina with our team in Joliet, IL:

Despite many of our volunteers not being able to come unexpectedly, the Lord provided an exceptional volunteer staff at the Taste of Bolingbrook this past Saturday. One really important encounter we had was with a lady who said her and her daughter’s small business was going under a lot of stress and strife. She was confident the enemy was at work, and she approached our table knowing that our prayer for this particular intention would mean something. She said, “where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am in the midst of them” (Mt 18). We invited the Holy Spirit in and prayed to drive out any forces that would prevent the success of the business; we also prayed that this business would also be a source of spreading the gospel.

I was also extremely encouraged when I saw two younger girls (about 13) approach our table with a smile. I figured that they might be practicing Catholics, but I was surprised to know that they were both raised in the Church but did not complete any of the sacraments. I gave them some pamphlets on “Why Be Catholic?” and encouraged them to share with their parents as well. I am so humbled by them approaching our table with such joy; I pray that they and their families would return to the church and continue in their catechism and sacraments. That was an extremely memorable encounter and reminded me that Jesus loves the young, and the young are intrigued by Jesus!

In addition, we prayed with people who seemed to be carrying quite a bit on them whether that was death or health issues or broken family relationships. I will continue to pray for these people to have hope that the Lord would provide for them. The conversations may have been a bit shorter during this event for me, but still a very fruitful, challenging and humbling experience as always.

Praised be Jesus Christ!