Boise, ID

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This report comes from team leader Lucy in Boise, Idaho:

More than one kind of poverty exists, but spiritual poverty is the most heartbreaking. So, we offer the Good News of Jesus Christ, the only real solution. So thank you again for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.

As we were setting up, a 20-something man on a skateboard and carrying two guitars stopped, without being asked, wanting a Rosary. He was Christian but not Catholic and knew of the Rosary but nothing more. He listened attentively as we explained and extolled the prayer, challenging him to seek a closer relationship with Christ through the Mysteries. May his intention to pray the Rosary become a blessed reality.

A man stopped for a Rosary. He believed … well, it was difficult to understand what he believed. He had been exposed to a lot of religions, and didn’t seem to really believe anything. Lucy explained that Jesus Christ is real, is as alive today as He was on the Day of Resurrection 2,000 years ago and He has promised to reveal Himself to anyone who loves Him enough to obey His commands. Lucy gave him a copy of the pocket-sized Gospel According to St. Luke as well as a Rosary and the booklet on how to pray it. She encouraged him to spend time using the Rosary to get to know Jesus Christ and how much He loves him.

Four boys in their early teens rode past on bicycles, most of them ignoring our offer of a Rosary. The last one then looked at us and yelled, “God’s not real!”, before riding away. Lord, have mercy on the boy, as well as on whoever taught him that lie.

Several Catholics went by, gladly proclaiming they already had a Rosary. A Catholic man, sporting a large St. Benedict medal, stopped for a Rosary. We asked him to pray it once for us.
”For you say, ’I am rich and affluent and have no need of anything‘, and yet do not realize that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked“ (Rev 3:17).