Carolyn, reports, “I spoke at length with a homeless man sitting by our corner today. His name is Al. He said he had no use for God ever since God took his parents from him in death many years ago. He said he has never spoken to God again. He was evicted from his home and lost the only friend he had, his cat. He told a story about his kidney disease and all the doctors he has to see but not sure how he will see them anymore since he no longer has a home. I asked him if he would like a rosary, he said no. He said he doesn’t talk to God anymore. I asked him later in the discussion if he would like a miraculous medal and told him how the mother of Jesus is the mother of us all. He said he had a medal of “the Guadalupe” and thinks of that often. I asked him if I could say a prayer for him and he said Ok. I prayed for the pain in heart to be given to Jesus and for healing to come to his heart and body. I told him that God loves him and to be watching for God to take action in his life. God has not forgotten about him. God loves him. He just needs to ask Jesus to help him and then seek Him.

As I was leaving the area I stopped to talk to another homeless man. As was the other homeless man, he, too, was holding a sign asking for money. I asked him about his dilemma. He said he was a truck driver and lost his job and now is staying in a homeless shelter and goes to church there. We talked about how God loves him and has a plan for his life. I asked him not to give up on God or himself. I told him I would pray for him. His name is Rick.

In mingling with the people at the Farmers’ market this morning, I realized once again, the heartache of so many and how deep down they want God in their lives. I am thankful for the opportunity to pray with and meet some of the folks in Lincoln who are searching for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and offer them the beauty and truth of our Catholic Faith. Holy Spirit, please touch these hearts and lead them closer to You!