East Lansing, MI. Tom, team leader of SPSE Lansing, sent us this description of an encounter they had with a very conscientious young man. While evangelizing Saturday in downtown East Lansing the Lansing SPSE team had contacts met Rob, a handsome, athletic guy who bemoaned the dating situation on the University campus. He said that coeds have turned down dates because, in their own words, they are looking for a “hook-up.” He didn’t attend church, so we directed him to the student chapel. He replied that he’s not part of that community, since, in his opinion, they neglect to address the pervasive sexual immorality on campus and their moral focus is on being “nice.” He also expressed disappointment in Church leadership for not more strongly challenging secularism and oppression by Islamic countries. He said he’s thinking of becoming Russian Orthodox, since he studies Russian. We reminded him that the Church is not infallible except when teaching with requisite authority on faith and morals and that there are many Catholics who share his concerns. We challenged him to become part of the solution by being an active member of a faith community and offered to take him to Mass.


The next day, after compline, the pastor of that parish told me Ryan spoke with him after Mass. Ryan told the priest he was deeply moved by the homily about the dangers of social media. He made an appointment to meet with the priest. We will pray that Mike finds the companions he needs as he pursues a life of holiness.

Praised be Jesus Christ! This encounter with Rob is like the encounters our teams have with many, many other people: All that seems to separate him from a new life in Christ through the Church is a few simple answers to a few simple questions. Will you become an evangelist with one of our teams, or start a team in your area? Join us and give a few simple answers to a few simple questions for someone!